Monday, July 30, 2007

Seven perish in Moscow ATRAN An-12 freighter crash

Atran AN-12An Antonov-12 cargo plane operated by Russia's ATRAN Cargo Airlines crashed early on the morning of July 29, 2007 near Moscow's Domodedovo Airport (DME). All seven crew members perished in the accident. No one was injured on the ground.

According to the NOVOSTI, the Russian News & Information Agency, the aircraft was scheduled to to fly to Bratsk (Eastern Siberia) with a stopover in Omsk (Western Siberia). The AN-12, a four-engine turboprop freighter, took off from DME at 04:16 and went disappeared from radar screens at 04:22. It crashed about 4 km (2 miles) from the runway and burst into flames. The weather was reported to have been foggy. NOVOSTI has published a collection of photos of the devastation at the crash site.

Interfax quoted a Russian government official who said, "The plane's fuel tanks were filled to the brim. The plane caught fire after it fell, sending out flames which scorched the ground near the crash site."

ITAR-TASS reported that the bodies of the seven victims had been recovered from the accident scene, and that the flight data recorders had been found. The aircraft was completely destroyed by the crash and ensuing fire.

UPDATE August 11, 2007: I just came across an article on that says both right-hand engines on the accident An-12 failed simultaneously, according to Russia's Interstate Aviation Committee. A reason for the powerplant failures has yet to be determined.

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