Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Calls for broader passenger ID checks

We know that one air travel security measure entails checking passengers' names against a terrorist watch list. Now, according to an Agence France Presse article published on Breitbart.com this morning, officials in the U. S. and Europe are seeking to "run more extensive checks on airline passengers, including credit card information, e-mail addresses and hotel reservations."
Access is sought to a database known as the Passenger Name Record, which is created by global travel reservation services and lists the names of travelers, details on cars or hotels, credit card information, contact information for the passengers and their relatives and even intimate details such as what type of bed they prefer.

US officials, under a 2004 agreement with Europe, already have access to this database -- which is off limits to European officials, but the agreement runs out on September 30 and US and European officials expect to renew it.


A spokesman for the vice president of the European Commission Franco Frattini said the commissioner plans to propose that European governments also have access to the Passenger Name Record database.
Source: US, Europe want more comprehensive ID checks on airline passengers - Breitbart.com

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