Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thomas Cook Airlines: 'no louts'

"No loutish behavior!"

What a great slogan that would be -- even better than "no hooligans."

After a spate of bad behavior by passengers, including drunkenness, making jokes about bombs in luggage, smoking in toilets, refusing to sit for takeoffs -- and culminating with an incident in which a passenger opened the door of an aircraft while it was still moving on the ground after landing -- Thomas Cook Airlines put vacationing travelers on notice: Rowdy behavior will be tolerated no more.

An article on the U.K.-based Guardian Unlimited news website quotes a Thomas Cook spokesman:
"We are saying enough is enough. We know people are high on summer spirits going on their holiday, but a serious incident could happen.

"Everyone at the airline wants passengers to have fun, but the reckless few mean many holidaymakers are complaining about misbehaviour.

"Our Zero Tolerance policy peak summer flying applies from check-in, at the gate and onboard all flights. It will be enforced through refusing travel or diverting aircraft if necessary to protect crew, passengers and aircraft.

"All offenders will be reported to police and, if evidence can be obtained, brought before the courts."
Zero tolerance for loutish behavior. Amen.

Source: Airline declares 'zero tolerance' for loutish behaviour - Guardian Unlimited

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