Thursday, August 10, 2006

U.S. carriers warn of delays

From AFP via U.S. commercial carriers said they were not planning to cancel flights to the U.K., but warned of severe delays.
All US carriers flying from Britain informed passengers of strict new limitations on carry-on baggage in line with directives issued by the British government.

"It's a fluid situation. But we have no cancellations of UK-bound flights," said Brandon Borrman, a spokesman for United Airlines.

"We are experiencing delays of at least two hours out of (London) Heathrow," he added.

Delta noted that additional security measures had been put in place for all flights bound for Britain.

"Delta continues to operate its flights from the UK to the US, although customers may experience delays due to revised check-in requirements issued by the UK's Department for Transport," it said in a statement.

All the major US carriers including American Airlines and Continental warned passengers not to bring any fluids or gels such as toothpaste on to flights departing from British airports.
We can imagine that the delays will be substantial today -- and even that probably is an understatement!
At Washington's Dulles International Airport, cardboard boxes and garbage bins quickly filled to overflowing with toothpaste and shaving cream containers.

Lines were snaking out the doors and delays were widespread. Several travellers willingly threw away their bottled water, but one woman was reluctant to throw out a 100-dollar beauty product.

British Airways cancelled all its short-haul flights due Thursday between Heathrow and other British and European cities, as well as the Libyan capital Tripoli.
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