Tuesday, September 26, 2006

World speed record for Lear 60

It happened in South Africa: A Learjet 60 has flown round-trip between Capetown and Johannesburg in less than three hours, a world speed record for its class. The flight is fully sanctioned by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).

The Learjet 60 aircraft is manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace.

From Bomardier's press release about the flight:
In customer service since June 2006, the Learjet 60 aircraft, owned by Skyros Properties of Cape Town, cruised at Mach 0.81 throughout the flight, until it clocked-in with the Cape Town International Airport tower at 13h35, where its 2,000-foot (610 m) flyover confirmed its impressive time and speed. The Learjet 60 aircraft then performed several fly passes as part of the flying display at the Africa Aerospace and Defence show, landing just in time to co-star with the high-speed Bombardier Global 5000 business jet at an exclusive reception.
The Aero-News Network reported this about the record flight:
"The aircraft performed superbly as expected," said Terry Redman, chief pilot and director for The Aviation Co., the aircraft's operator. "We took off from Cape Town at 10:00, local time, and quickly climbed to 37,000 feet) to avoid turbulence and traffic. The first leg to Johannesburg took just one hour, 24 minutes.

"The aircraft's performance was put to the test against the wind on the return leg to Cape Town, arriving only one hour and 35 minutes later," Redman added. "The aircraft handled beautifully throughout the flight and the roundtrip time easily establishes the benchmark speed standard for this trip."
Aero-News also reported that "National Aeronautical Association (NAA) official Frank Eckhart was on board the plane during the flight, and validated the speed record with the help of two GPS devices installed specifically for the record attempt. The NAA will submit the record to the FAI in Paris, France, for international ratification."

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