Monday, November 06, 2006

Miss Universe grounded by Air Deccan

Every now and then I like to stray from posts about serious topics and insert something a bit more light-hearted. How about this story from the Aero-News Network:
In one of those stories that makes you realize that sometimes even supermodels can't get everything they want, Miss Universe Zulenka Rivera -- along with a baker's dozen of the most beautiful women in the world -- was denied an airline boarding pass in India this Saturday.

Rivera... along with 13 other super-duper fashion models, an Indian-born American fashion designer, and other members of the entourage including bodyguards and stylists, were all denied passage on a Air Deccan flight scheduled to fly from Goa to Bangalore, India. The reason -- too much luggage.

Evidently, the captain of the flight also refused to fly with the excess designer suitcases.

The 27 member fashion group simply had way too many suitcases and they and the airline couldn't agree on how much it would cost to take all the high-fashion couture.
And you thought that Miss Universe never wore anything but bathing suits!

But don't worry. The article also says:
The entire entourage was forced to stay another night and were able to fly out on different airlines the next day. This time, they were allowed to bring all their luggage.
No mention of which other airline...

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