Thursday, December 07, 2006

Brazilian aviation crisis

Air traffic controllers in Brazil say they are overworked and underpaid. (Sound familiar?) In protest, they have organized several work slowdowns in recent months, and those actions have caused great disruption to air travel in Brazil.

Now an 'equipment malfunction' has shut down three major airports in Brazil, and some seem to believe that the 'malfunction' may not have occurred by chance. According to an article on the Aero-News Network website:
Although the government blamed the malfunctions on a technical glitch, a retired Brazilian Air Force Colonel and recognized Brazilian aviation expert says it was sabotage. Franco Ferreira believes controllers feel they are being held up as scapegoats for the Gol airlines crash.

Ferreira claims, "There is no doubt that this was intentional."
In the face of so many flight cancellations and delays "Reuters reports passengers have taken to wearing red clown noses and blowing whistles as they wait in line at airports." What a sight that must have been!

Source: Brazilian Aviation In Crisis Following Sabotage Claims -

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