Thursday, January 11, 2007

Debris from Adam Air jet found

Adam Air logoThe BBC is reporting that debris from the Adam Air B737-400 that went missing on New Year's Day has been found by fishermen just off the western coast of Sulawesi island. The BBC article says that a piece of the aircraft's tail was identified as belonging to the missing jet by a serial number.
"This morning I announced that there has been a finding of a part of Adam Air. What was found was the right tail's stabiliser, number 65C25746-76," the head of the search and rescue mission, Eddy Suyanto, told reporters.

Mr Suyanto said the fragment of the plane was found by a fisherman at 0300 local time on Thursday (2000 GMT Wednesday).

The section was found some 300m (985 ft) from the shore, near Parepare, a seaside town north of Makassar, capital of South Sulawesi province, Mr Suyanto said.

Later reports said a life vest and parts of airline seats had also been found.
It is still unclear whether the plane crashed into the sea, or if it exploded in mid-air.

Still no word on what a US Navy oceanographic vessel deployed to the search area may have found.

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