Saturday, March 17, 2007

Two arrested for posing as cops at LAX

LAXA man and a woman posing as police officers were arrested at Los Angeles International Airport as they were preparing to board a plane with a gun yesterday morning.

According to a Los Angeles Times article:
Two plainclothes security officers — one male, one female — escorting a prisoner in handcuffs provided documents to officials at a checkpoint in Terminal 3 about 8 a.m., saying they had the authority to escort him to Hawaii for a court hearing, law enforcement officials said.
A  report on says that the woman told TSA personnel at an LAX screening area that she was carrying a firearm, and that she had documents to show that she was authorized to carry the weapon.

Airport police ran a check and determined that the pair were not police officers, nor did the woman have a permit to carry a gun. The two were arrested for impersonating police officers, and the woman also was charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

A report about the arrest on in Los Angeles mentioned that the pair were bounty hunters.