Saturday, June 30, 2007

Burning car crashes into Glasgow airport terminal

Glasgow Airport fireScotland's Glasgow International Airport has been closed in the wake of an incident in which a sport utility vehicle -- described by some eyewitnesses as a Jeep Cherokee -- crashed into an entrance to Terminal One. The incident happened shortly after 3 PM local time. The airport has been evacuated and all incoming and outgoing flights have been suspended for the rest of the day.

While official statements have not yet verified that this was an intentional act, many eyewitnesses quoted by various news media believe that it was no accident. Reports say that the car was on fire but did not explode. The terminal building subsequently caught fire as well.

Some eyewitness reports quoted by the BBC say that there were two people in the car, one of whom was on fire when he tried to run away after the crash. A bystander tackled the man. Police later arrested both occupants of the car.

Strathclyde police issued an official statement a short time ago, which said:
Statement issued at 1645 (BST): At 1515 hours this afternoon, Saturday 30 June 2007, a car was driven into the front of Terminal One at Glasgow International Airport.

Police and Fire Service were immediately summoned and four people arrested and detained meantime.

It is unclear if any person has been injured.

Local roads have been closed and police are advising members of the public not to travel to the airport.

Incoming and outgoing flights have been suspended until further notice and the airport has been closed.

Strathclyde Police would like to reassure the public that it is unknown at present if this is connected with the incidents in London as enquiries are at an early stage.

However, we would ask the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the police.
Of immediate interest to aircrews, the following NOTAM has been issued for Glasgow:

B)07/06/30 15:24 UTC C)07/06/30 19:40 EST AGA (A1534/07)

My translation: Airside operations have had to be suspended because sufficient fire and rescue resources are unavailable for the airfield. They're all occupied with fighting the fire at the terminal entrance.

To be continued...

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