Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Continental Airlines No. 1 flight attendant celebrates 50 years service

Continental AirlinesCongratulations to Norma Heape, the number one flight attendant at Continental Airlines. Today she celebrated 50 years of service with the airline.

According to a press release, published on and elsewhere:
Continental will honor Heape's 50 years of service in a brief ceremony on June 13 prior to her departing on flight CO99 from Newark Liberty to Hong Kong. Risoli will present Heape with a specially designed necklace in recognition of her lifelong dedication to the airline.

With the most seniority among nearly 9,000 flight attendants at Continental, Heape sets a great example for her peers. Not once in her career has she missed a scheduled trip due to calling in sick.
Ms. Heape first signed on with Continental in June 1957, before the airline had jet-powered aircraft in its fleet. During the course of her career, she has flown over 26 million miles on 27 different aircraft types to nearly all of Continental's more than 100 destinations worldwide. She has been based in Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Newark.

Among the "firsts" to her credit: she worked the inaugural flight of the Viscount aircraft in 1958, Continental's first military air charter in 1964, and the first Boeing 747 flight to Honolulu in 1970.

Best wishes to you, Norma. May you have many more happy landings!