Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sudan Airways crash at Khartoum

Sudan Airways logoBreaking News: A passenger aircraft burst into flames shortly after arriving at Khartoum International Airport in Sudan a short time ago. The story is still unfolding, and details are still incomplete, but according to several news reports, the aircraft involved was operated by Sudan Airways. There are conflicting reports about how many crew and passengers may have been on board, and about the number and condition of those who survived the accident.

Information posted on a Sudanese news website, the Sudan Tribune, identified the aircraft as a Sudan Airways Airbus, and said that it "veered off the runway as it landed in the airport, and then burst into flames." The Sudan Tribune also reported that "The crashed plane had already tried to land at Khartoum Airport but due to the rains it had landed at Port Sudan and then resumed its flight to Khartoum."

Several news sources said that the flight had originated at Damascus, with an intermediate stop in Amman before continuing to Khartoum, where the accident occurred. According to information on the Sudan Airways website, the carrier does operate an Airbus A310 on that route every Tuesday as Sudan Airways Flight SD150.

CNN.com has posted a video of the Khartoum accident scene on its website.

Updates about this accident will be posted here on Aircrew Buzz as details become available.