Friday, February 27, 2009

Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants have a tentative contract

Hawaiian Airlines logoFlight attendants and management at Hawaiian Airlines have reached a tentative agreement (TA) on a proposed new contract. The TA was announced yesterday by the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA-CWA), which represents Hawaiian flight attendants.

"In these challenging times, Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants need a
stable contract they can count on," said Sharon Soper, AFA-CWA Hawaiian President. "We are pleased that we could work collaboratively with Hawaiian's management team to quickly reach an agreement  that provides stability for our members and our company during these turbulent times. We feel that this tentative agreement reflects the needs and concerns the flight attendants have expressed. Our members will now evaluate whether this tentative
agreement and the associated changes are in their best interests and
vote accordingly."

According to the flight attendants' union, the proposed agreement would extend the current contract for two more years and includes improved wages and bonus compensation for Hawaiian Airlines cabin crew while providing some provisions to help the company maintain its operational excellence. The tentative agreement will be sent out for membership review and a voting schedule will be determined.

UPDATE Apr. 1, 2009: Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants ratify contract