Thursday, January 11, 2007

AA begins to recall furloughed pilots

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that American Airlines has recalled 11 furloughed pilots, the first to be invited back since layoffs began more than five years ago.

According to the article:
American spokeswoman Sue Gordon said the first group began training last week. Five were from the last group of pilots furloughed in April 2005, and six are more senior pilots who had volunteered to be furloughed.

To get the initial 11 pilots, American extended recall offers to about 80 furloughed pilots, Ms. Gordon said, with the others declining recall or deferring a decision.

Fort Worth-based American, the world's largest carrier, has told its pilots that it expects to recall about 10 pilots a month.

Ms. Gordon said the actual rate will depend on how many pilots leave.
Since October 2001, American Airlines furloughed more than 2,800 pilots.