Monday, April 09, 2007

Air India: Two emergency landings at Delhi in one day

Air IndiaAir traffic at Indira Ghandi International Airport in Delhi was disrupted earlier today in the wake of two emergency landings by Air India planes. Both aircraft landed safely and no one was injured in either incident, however one of the aircraft became disabled at the end of a runway. The runway had to be closed until the aircraft was removed using heavy equipment. Another runway remained open.

Air India Flight AI 349 developed "landing gear problems," according to a number of press reports. The Airbus A310, which was arriving from Bangkok, made a safe landing, but its nose gear apparently collapsed as the plane was being towed from the runway "leaving the aircraft's tail jutting out onto the runway near one end," according to a Reuters article. Passengers were deplaned on the runway and taken to the terminal by bus.

Hours later a second aircraft, Air India Flight AI 736 arriving from Dubai, declared an emergency after developing what news reports called "a hydraulic problem." The Boeing 767 aircraft landed safely, too, and later was towed to a hangar.

News reports say that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Air India are investigating both incidents.

Click here to view a five-minute CNN-IBN video about these incidents.

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