Friday, May 18, 2007

Missing: One Delta Boeing 777 tire assembly

Delta B777Several days ago a Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200ER landed at Atlanta minus its #8 tire assembly. It seems to have parted company with the rest of the aircraft as it departed Tel Aviv. The brief factual report on the NTSB website isn't very long, and doesn't offer any explanations for the incident:
After the airplane took-off, pieces of the #8 tire assembly were found along the departure taxiway and runway.

An aerial search was done in Tel Aviv along the departure flight path to try and locate the #8 wheel and tire. It was not located.

On landing in Atlanta, it was discovered that the #8 tire assembly was missing. The flight crew had no indication on departure that there was a landing gear problem.

The parts that were collected in Israel have been sent to the US for examination at BF Goodrich. [NTSB Report: DCA07WA041]
The Civil Aviation Authority of Israel is investigating the incident.

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