Friday, July 20, 2007

Freighter accident at Culiacan, Mexico claims nine lives

Culiacan accidentTwo pilots and a mechanic lost their lives in an aircraft accident in northwestern Mexico earlier this month. In addition to the three crew members, six people on the ground also were killed. The aircraft was destroyed. The accident occurred on the morning of July 5, 2007 at Culiacán, State of Sinaloa.

The aircraft, a North American T39A 'Sabreliner' (Mexican registration XA-TFL), was operated by Jet Paquetería (D.B.A. Domestic Cargo Operator). According to an NTSB factual report about the accident, the aircraft was departing on a cargo flight from Runway 02 at the Culiacán Airport (CUL). The pilot flying apparently lost control during the takeoff roll.
According to authorities, the pilot lost control of the twin-jet airplane following a reported failure of a tire on the right main landing gear during the takeoff roll. The airplane overran the departure end of the 7,546-foot long runway, went through the airport perimeter fence, crossed a highway, colliding with two vehicles and a wall. A post-impact fire consumed most of the airframe.
News reports about the accident say that an additional five individuals were hospitalized for burns and other injuries.

A news article (in Spanish) on identified the deceased crew members as Jaromir Schindler González, Roberto Daniel Aguilar, and Óscar Pulido. Another article on the same website notes that this was the third accident for Jet Paquetería since December of 2006.

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