Tuesday, July 17, 2007

TAM Airbus A320 accident in Sao Paulo, Brazil

TAMNews media are reporting that an Airbus A320 aircraft operated by Brazilian carrier TAM has been involved in an accident at Congonhas - São Paulo International Airport (CGH). Few reliable details about what happened are available at this point, except to say that the aircraft had just landed after a domestic flight from Porto Alegre in southern Brazil, when it apparently overran the runway, crossed a highway, crashed into buildings, and caught fire.

News reports vary as to exactly how many souls were on board, but initial reports suggest that the number may be at least 150. Some stories also suggest that people in or near the buildings into which the aircraft crashed may have been injured, but there is no official word on casualties or survivors at this time.

There is some early video of the accident scene on the CNN website.

I will post details or new developments as they are confirmed.

UPDATE July 17, 2007: It has been confirmed by officials at TAM Linhas Aereas SA, that the flight number of the accident aircraft was TAM Flight JJ 3054 from Porto Alegre to São Paulo, and that there were a total of 170 passengers and six crew on board. TAM airlines said relatives of those who may have been aboard the flight can call the Brazil toll-free number 0800 117900 for information. The airline promises to post updates on its TAM Informa page as more when more information becomes available.