Tuesday, August 21, 2007

China Airlines Flight 120 crew identified, called 'heroes' for evacuation

China AirlinesThe crew of China Airlines Flight 120, the Boeing 737-800 that burned on the ground at Naha, Okinawa earlier this week, are being called "heroes" by officials from China Airlines and the Taiwan government's Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA). All 157 passengers and eight crew evacuated safely from the aircraft, moments before the it exploded. The cabin was evacuated using emergency slides. The two pilots left the burning aircraft through a cockpit window. No one was seriously injured.

China Airlines publicly identified and praised the crew members from Taiwan once they returned to their homeland after the accident. They are:
  • You Chien-kuo - captain
  • Tseng Ta-wei - first officer
  • Kang Li-mei - cabin chief
  • Cheng Hsieh-jer - flight attendant
  • Fan Jin-yao - flight attendant
  • Chang Chia-wen - flight attendant
  • Hung Kuan-lin - flight attendant
The sixth flight attendant, a Japanese national, has not been identified by name.

A spokesman for the Taiwan's CAA said, "Based on the information we have gathered, they evacuated all the passengers in accordance with the standard operation procedure, which requires that all passengers be evacuated within 90 seconds in the case of emergency."

Kudos to the crew of China Airlines Flight 120.

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