Monday, August 13, 2007

FAA: Part 91 operators may use Electronic Flight Bags

FAA logoLast month the FAA issued an Advisory Circular (AC) for Part 91 operators approving "removal of paper aeronautical charts and other documentation from the cockpit through the use of either portable or installed cockpit displays (electronic flight bags (EFB))." The AC defines EFBs this way:
An electronic display system intended primarily for cockpit or cabin use. EFB devices can display a variety of aviation data (e.g., checklists, navigation charts, pilot’s operating handbook (POH)) or perform basic calculations (e.g., performance data, fuel calculations). The scope of the EFB system functionality may also include various other hosted databases and applications. Physical EFB displays may be portable (Class 1), attached to a mounting device (Class 2), or built into the aircraft (Class 3).
The AC recommends that a back-up source of information be maintained on the flight deck, but this is not required.

For further details about implementing the removal of paper from the cockpit for Part 91 operations, see: FAA Advisory Circular No. 91-78, issued on July 20, 2007. (5-page "pdf" file.)