Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lear 35A runway overrun accident at Dominica (DOM)

Lear35A Accident at DOMA Learjet 35A, registered in the United States (N500ND) to World Jet, went off the end of Runway 09 at Melville Hall Airport, Dominica (DOM) on the afternoon of August 11, 2007. The aircraft sustained substantial damage, according to an NTSB Factual Report about the accident. The two crew members and four passengers on board at the time of the accident were not injured.

The aircraft, which was operating as an international passenger air taxi flight under Part 135 rules, left the end of the runway at DOM after a reported braking failure during the landing roll out. The NTSB report says:
The PIC stated the first officer was flying the airplane and the tower cleared them to enter a left downwind.

On touchdown the FO requested spoilers, and noticed poor braking. The PIC pumped the brakes with no response. The drag chute was deployed but was not effective.

The PIC stated he took over the flight controls and applied maximum braking. The airplane continued to roll off the end of the runway, down an embankment, through a fence, and came to a stop on a road.
The flight had originated in Saint John's, Antigua Island.

A news article about the accident in the Jamaica Gleaner notes that the accident forced the closure of Melville Hall Airport, and interrupted traffic on the road where the aircraft came to a rest.

The investigation of this accident is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Dominica.

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Note: Another photo of the accident scene is posted at Tip of the hat to photographer 'MR' in Dominica for the photos.