Monday, September 10, 2007

Oman Air seeks young Omanis to train as pilots

Oman Air pilotsOman Air is seeking young Omani nationals who are interested in learning to be airline pilots. Mr. Amar Nasser, the Divisional Manager for Human Resource and Administration, said in a press release issued by Oman Air that his airline is "all set to select and recruit a new group of 15 young dynamic school leavers as Cadet Pilots."

The most recent class of nine Omani Cadet Pilots graduated from initial training in the UK and are now undergoing further training in Oman. The next class of Cadet Pilots will train in Australia for an initial 15 month before being accepted as Second Officers and then progressing to the final of four-month phase of training, after which they become First Officers.

The closing date to apply for the next Pilot Cadet class is September 15. Contact Oman Air for further information.

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