Monday, January 07, 2008

Transaven Let L-410 missing off Venezuelan coast

Transaven logoA small twin engine turboprop aircraft with 12 passengers and two crew on board went missing off the coast of Venezuela this past Friday. The aircraft, a Czech-made Let L-410, operated by Venezuelan carrier Transaven Airlines, disappeared on January 4, 2008 while en route from Caracas to the Los Roques islands.

Various news media have reported that the crew reported engine failure shortly before the aircraft presumably crashed into the Caribbean Sea. Search and rescue operations have been unsuccessful in locating the crash site, and have found neither wreckage nor any sign of those on board.

Both pilots are believed to be Venezuelan nationals.

UPDATE January 10, 2008: According to an  article published this morning by , "Authorities have found no sign of survivors from an airplane crash and are calling off active search efforts for the 14 aboard, including eight Italians and a Swiss citizen."