Thursday, February 21, 2008

ALPA launches runway safety campaign

ALPA Hold Short for Runway Safety logoJust in case you haven't yet seen it (or haven't even heard about it) I'd like to encourage all readers of Professional Pilot News to go and take a look at Hold Short for Runway Safety, a new website run by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). ALPA recently launched a campaign intended "to raise the awareness of the measures that can prevent runway hazards." The organization has launched this interesting website in support of their campaign.

The Hold Short for Runway Safety focuses on safety during ground operations. The stated goal is to prevent runway incursions, excursions, and confusion. It offers commonsense guidance for operating in the period "between getting in the cockpit and hitting Vr."

In addition to excellent background information about runway safety, runway incursions and pilot deviations, the interactive website features several runway incursion re-enactment videos, and a quiz about situational awareness through airfield signs and air traffic control instructions.

You can take an Online Runway Safety Education Program via the website and print out your certificate after completion. ALPA says, "If you are involved in a runway incursion event, this satisfies the FAA 'seminar' requirement for participation in the Runway Incursion Information Evaluation Program (RIIEP)."

Click on over to ALPA's Hold Short for Runway Safety website and get busy!