Saturday, April 12, 2008

American Airlines pilots affected by canceled flights get pay protection

Allied Pilots Association logoThe Allied Pilots Association (APA), the union representing pilots at American Airlines, announced to its membership yesterday that it had successfully negotiated a pay protection agreement with the airline for pilots affected by cancellations as a result of the MD80 fleet grounding this week. In an Information Hotline message posted to the APA website, union officials summarized provisions of the agreement:
The following agreement highlights apply: all pay-protected time will be paid but not credited. To be eligible for pay protection, pilots must place themselves on the makeup list and be available for flying that originates up to eight hours after the scheduled termination of the original trip that was cancelled. To maintain protection, normal makeup contact procedures apply, so pilots must be available for contact between 1200 to 1500 hours local base time for flying assignments for the next day. Pay-protected pilots may pass trips in seniority order if other pilots are available. However, after makeup proffers, any remaining trips will be assigned in reverse seniority order and any pilot who refuses an assignment will forfeit pay protection.
APA notes that these provisions are part of a one-time, non-precedent setting agreement. A similar pay protection agreement for American Airlines flight attendants has been announced by their union, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants.