Sunday, June 08, 2008

South Africa's Comair Limited hires ex-Nationwide Airlines crew

British Airways Comair logoIn the past few weeks, South Africa's Comair Limited has hired 70 people formerly employed by Nationwide Airlines, which went out of business in late April, including pilots, cabin crew, and staff who worked in airports and revenue management. According to an article on, among those hired by Comair Limited was Daniel Perry, the pilot who successfully landed a Nationwide Boeing 737-200 in Cape Town last November after an engine separated from the aircraft on take-off.

Comair Limited CEO Gidon Novick said, "We're fortunate to have the best team in the industry and we're always looking to take on additional talented and energetic people. We're delighted to welcome these ex-Nationwide staff onto our team."

Comair Limited is a holding company that provides domestic and regional airline service, trading under the names of British Airways and British Airways Comair has a fleet of 15 Boeing 737 aircraft. The Kululu flights are operated with four MD-82 aircraft.