Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gemini Air Cargo shuts down operations

Gemini Air CargoWord on the street is that Gemini Air Cargo has ceased operations. Usually I try to stay away from posting rumors on Aircrew Buzz, but I've had an unusual number of inquiries over the past 24 hrs about whether Gemini was going out of business. This prompted me to make some inquiries of my own. There's no message or notice on the Gemini Air Cargo website stating that the carrier's operations have ceased, however several sources I tend to trust have said that the rumor about the shutdown of Gemini's operations is true.

Apparently I am not the only one trying to verify the rumors. An article today on, which is known as a reliable source of aviation news, reports that "sources with knowledge of the situation" say that Gemini Air Cargo has indeed closed its doors.

Regular readers of Aircrew Buzz will recall that I reported in June that Gemini Air Cargo filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. At that time, 75 of Gemini's 225 pilots were either furloughed or terminated, however the air freight carrier continued to operate its DC-10-30F and MD-11F aircraft. The bankruptcy filing in June was the air cargo operator's second in two years.

I will add an update to this post as soon as any official information becomes available.

UPDATE Aug. 15, 2008: Air Cargo News reported this morning that Gemini Air Cargo has ceased operations and has entered Chapter 7 liquidation. The article said, "The bankruptcy court was due to rule on a successful bidder on 15 August, however, it is believed that negotiations with the final interested party, Bravia Capital, broke down on 12 August and the airline subsequently ceased flying operations."

According to Air Cargo News, Gemini's four MD-11Fs will now be returned to the lessors, two to GECAS and two to AerCap. Rumor has it that the two GECAS-owned aircraft are likely to be placed with World Airways, which has been looking to increase its MD-11 fleet.