Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Japan Airlines cancels flights due to strike

JAL logoIn anticipation of a strike by three labor unions, Japan Airlines (JAL) has announced the cancellation of nearly a quarter of its domestic passenger flights for tomorrow, October 1, 2008. The strike, which is in response to a wage dispute, will affect about 14,000 passengers as JAL expects to cancel 152 flights within Japan.

The carrier says that no international flights will be disrupted by the strike. According to the Asia edition of the Wall Street Journal, those flights will be operated by non-union crews.

Three unions, including the JAL Japan Pilots Union and the JAL Cabin Crew Union, called the one-day strike to protest JAL's proposed to cut pay for crews and other employees by 5%, beginning in October. According to the Wall Street Journal, the pilots are considering extending the strike into a second day. If that happens, some international flights may have to be canceled.

UPDATE October 1, 2008: The strike by three unions against Japan Airlines has been canceled. Although there is no word on any new pay agreement between the carrier and its unions, JAL has announced, "Services on all flights, both domestic Japan and International, will operate as normal."