Monday, October 13, 2008

Video: Ilyushin IL-18 freighter rejected take-off and runway overrun in Angola

This video has been circulating around the web for a few days now, both as an email link and posted on several websites. It shows a lumbering Ilyushin IL-18 aircraft in a rejected take-off that ends with a runway overrun. The incident is said to have occurred in late September at Cabinda, Angola.

I've been trying to track down reliable information about the event since I first received the link to the video several days ago. Simon Hradecky, over at The Aviation Herald reports that the aircraft (registration D2-FFR) was operated by Alada Empresa De Transportes Aereos, an Angolan airline, on behalf of DHL. Simon's report says that the RTO at high speed was due to burst tires.

UPDATE Oct. 14, 2008: Kieran Daly includes some information about the Cabinda runway in his Unusual Attitude blog, on the Flight International website, and adds that "on this occasion everyone gets to walk away," -- always good to know!

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