Monday, November 24, 2008

Investigation says 10 people to blame for 2007 TAM Airlines crash at São Paulo

Remember the TAM Flight JJ 3054 accident at São Paulo, Brazil's Congonhas Airport in July of 2007? The Airbus A320 aircraft, which was arriving in rainy weather from Porto Alegre, overran the runway, crossed a highway, crashed into buildings, and caught fire. The accident, said to be Brazil's worst aviation disaster, took the lives of all crew members and passengers on board, as well as a number of people on the ground.

Several days ago, an investigation of the TAM accident concluded that 10 government and airline officials were to blame for the accident. If the 10 individuals are formally charged and convicted, they could face prison terms of up to 6 years.

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Here is an Associated Press video report about the accident report.

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