Sunday, January 18, 2009

Air Tahoma's Air Operator Certificate Revoked by FAA

Air TahomaAviation news website is reporting that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has revoked the Air Operator Certificate of Ohio-based freight carrier Air Tahoma. The move comes in the wake of an FAA audit that followed the Sep. 1, 2008 accident involving an Air Tahoma Convair 580 aircraft. The accident flight was the aircraft's first flight following a maintenance "C" check. All three crew members on board lost their lives in the accident.

Quoting Paul Turk, a senior public affairs official with the FAA, reports that Air Tahoma has been charged by the FAA with "30 safety-related violations... which were 'systemic throughout the company' and 'not tied to a single pilot, aircraft or incident'." Turk reportedly told that the FAA audit "found problems in most areas" of the company's operations, including lack of proper emergency equipment, and failure to properly document maintenance processes and parts swaps between aircraft.

A 96-page letter outlining the charges was delivered to the Air Tahoma earlier this week. No word on whether Air Tahoma will file an appeal.