Sunday, September 19, 2010

Horizon Air pilots have a tentative contact agreement

by B. N. Sullivan

The pilots at Horizon Air have a tentative contract.  The agreement between Horizon management and the pilots' union was reached following more than four years of negotiations, and months of federal mediation.  Horizon pilots are represented by Teamsters Local 1244, The Airline Professionals Association.

No details about the new contract have been publicly released, pending a ratification vote.  The union leadership expects to present the contract to the pilot membership for a ratification vote next month.

In a statement about the tentative agreement, Joe Muckle, President of the Airline Professionals Association Teamsters Local 1244, said, “The Union leadership and negotiators worked very hard to finalize the provisions in this tentative agreement.  I thank and congratulate the negotiating teams on both sides for their collaborative efforts.  While the agreement is still contingent upon the membership’s vote to ratify the contract, I believe that it adequately provides for the Company’s needs and also recognizes the very high level of service and professionalism the Horizon pilots provide.”

“The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has been negotiating for the Horizon Air pilots since March 2006, and the industry landscape has changed dramatically during that time,” said Captain David Bourne, Teamsters’ Airline Division Director.  “This is a good agreement with significant quality of life improvements and other incentives."