Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two pilots perish in business jet crash in Switzerland

by B. N. Sullivan

Earlier today, a business jet operated by Windrose Air, a German charter company, crashed and burned at Bever, Switzerland.  Both pilots perished in the accident.  The crew were believed to be the only people on board.

The accident happened on December 19, 2010 at approximately 15:00 local time.  The aircraft, a Hawker Beechcraft [Raytheon] 390 Premier IA (registration D-IAYL) was on approach to St. Moritz-Samedan Airport (LSZS), arriving from Zagreb-Pleso (LDZA) in Croatia.  It crashed into an electrical power station near the town of Bever, Switzerland.  The aircraft caught fire and broke up.  Some news reports suggest that the crew may have been attempting a go-around, but this has not been officially confirmed.  Several news stories also mentioned that the aircraft may have hit power lines.

An article about the accident (in German) on the Swiss news website includes still photos and a video clip of the accident site.  Another article (also in German)  on the Swiss website has more photos and a map indicating where the plane crashed.

Condolences to the families, colleagues and friends of the pilots who lost their lives today.