Friday, October 12, 2007

Egyptian carrier AMC Airlines: MD-83 accident at Istanbul

AMC Airlines accident at IstanbulOn October 11, 2007 an MD-83 aircraft operated by Egyptian carrier AMC Airlines made an emergency landing at Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul. The aircraft's main landing gear apparently collapsed as the aircraft touched down, causing it to veer off the runway. The aircraft was destroyed in the accident, however the 156 passengers and seven crew evacuated the aircraft safely after it came to a stop. To the credit of the crew, no one was injured.

The emergency landing reportedly followed an electrical problem on board. Before diverting to Istanbul, AMC Flight 4270 had been en route from Hurghada, Egypt to Warsaw, Poland.

Turkish website has posted a collection of more than 20 photos of the AMC Airlines MD-83 accident in Istanbul. Another collection of photos of the aircraft has been posted to Airport Haber.

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