Thursday, October 11, 2007

United Airlines A320 damaged in runway excursion at ORD

United Airlines A320A United Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft was substantially damaged yesterday at Chicago O'Hare international Airport (ORD) when it left the runway after a hard landing. There were 122 passengers and five crew on board. Two people were injured in the incident.

According to a preliminary report on the FAA website, United Flight 628, arriving at ORD from Seattle, landed hard and blew a tire on the right main landing gear. The aircraft then left the runway briefly, but later re-entered the runway and taxied to the gate under its own power. The report states that "damage to the aircraft was substantial." A news report about the incident quoted passengers from the flight who said that they saw "significant dents in the engine" [nacelle].

While the FAA report gave no details about about the two people who were injured, some news reports said that one of the injured was a flight attendant, and the other was a passenger.